Lecter's DOG
Discord Overlay Generator

This utility generates cascading style sheet (CSS) code that significantly expands the possibilities of representing a list of voice channel users. CSS-code can be used to embed Xsplit Broadcaster and OBS programs into the browser source.

Step 0.
Prepare the link

  1. Visit https://streamkit.discord.com/overlay and click on the Install on … button depending on your program. Streamers usually use OBS as their main program.
  2. In the next window select Voice Widget and set the required parameters (Server and Voice channel).
  3. Below the preview window is the actual link for pasting into the browser source window. Copy and Save it!

Step 1.
Fill this form

or select another mode:

<body> rules
<div id="app-mount"> rules
<div> rules (after "app-mount" element)
<div class="voice-container"> rules
<ul class="voice-states"> rules
<li class="voice-state"> rules
<img class="avatar"> rules
<img class="avatar speaking"> rules
<div class="user"> rules
<span class="name"> rules

Additional CSS code

Step 2.
Copy & Paste


Properties: 'Your CLR Browser'